Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. The name Kuala Lumpur is a malay term meaning “Muddy Confluence”. The city is situated at the confluence of Gombak River. Kuala Lumpur is fondly known as KL, and its residents are known as Klites. Kuala Lumpur is the retain and fashion hub of Malaysia and boasts of more than 65 shopping malls, including the world largest mall. The sunway pyramid shopping mall  is most recognizable with its Egyptian inspired sphinx architecture.

It has one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India, the Bath caves are a series of cave temples in a limestone hill located 8 miles north of Kl in the Gombak distinct, Kuala Lumpur is the home to the one of the Tallest Twin Towers in the world. Malaysia is an amazing country known for reflecting an electric blend of ancient customs, traditions and cultures with a dash of modernity. Malaysia tourist attractions like beautiful islands, beaches, quaint towns, heritage sites and adventure spots etc.




Langkawi Island is a destination known for its vast expanse of sandy beaches and azure blue water which enthrall the tourists. It is a perfect manifestation of the geological heritage in the area. It is famous for cable car that is popular among kids and adults.



It is located on the northwestern coast of peninsular Malaysia. Penang is one of the finest. Malaysian Islands that you shouldn’t miss on your trip. This city is with Wonderfood Museum, Fort Cornwallis, Recycling Buddha, Burmese Temple and waterfoot village just happen to be some of the best places in Malaysia for you to visit.

Published by Jagmeet Kaur

''Believe in god'', ''Have Faith in God''. Dream Big and do hardwork then you will definitely achieve your dreams. Jagmeet is a passionate writer and a travel blogger in our company. She knows how to write the experiences about travel destinations. She believe in freedom and freely travel. She likes to travel many interesting places and in some exotic locations. She likes beaches very much. The fresh air of beaches and the environment of beaches gives her many positive vibes which she can explore through her writings very easily. She like the shore of water where people gasped and intake fresh air.

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