Chardham is popularly known for it’s pilgrimage destinations where all devotees visit here and take darshan. Millions of devotees daily visit here and take darshan. It is a sacred place for Hindus. Chardham is a pure word. It defines as a char means 4 and dham means the pilgrimage or shrines. The char dham connects through four religious places such as Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Which is also called “CHOTA CHAR DHAM”.

The sacred char dham sites of Uttarakhand and are not limited to a single sect. These sacred temples represent the connect i.e the Vaishnavism site at Badrinath, Shaivism site at Kedarnath and Goddess Yamuna is dedicated to Yamunotri and Goddess Ganga is dedicated to Gangotri. When you visit here you’ll definitely get peace and your mind, body and soul get refreshed.

1: When Does Chardham Yatra Starts And Ends?

Every Year Chardham Yatra starts from the month of April or May and continues until October/November. The Gates are open till 9PM. In October/November due to heavy snow fall and very cold weather as all these temples are located in the Himalayan Mountain where you cannot survive in this bad condition.

2: Can Senior Citizen Travel Easily in Chardham?

As You Know Chardham Yatra is not very easy to travel in past. But now you can travel easily travel by hiring Palki, Horse or by any means of transport such as cars and through helicopter also. But please carry your medicines if you having any respiratory or cardio-vascular problems.

3: What To Carry While Travelling To Chardham?

Chardham Yatra is not very easy to travel. The Weather changes 3 times a day. The day time is hot and in evening pleasant but the nights are cold. So you must carry your woolen clothes such as warm Jacket, coat and blanket.

Also carry medicinal kit and insect repellent or lotions to avoid any mosquito infections. Do carry your shoes and slippers so that you can trek comfortably. Do carry raincoat,gum boots and umbrella with you. If rain is going on there so you have to protect yourself during heavy rainfall.

Published by Jagmeet Kaur

''Believe in god'', ''Have Faith in God''. Dream Big and do hardwork then you will definitely achieve your dreams. Jagmeet is a passionate writer and a travel blogger in our company. She knows how to write the experiences about travel destinations. She believe in freedom and freely travel. She likes to travel many interesting places and in some exotic locations. She likes beaches very much. The fresh air of beaches and the environment of beaches gives her many positive vibes which she can explore through her writings very easily. She like the shore of water where people gasped and intake fresh air.

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