The name of the country Turkey may come from Tuschia, which is the world Italian observers used to refer to Anatolia. Turkey Asian portion as early as the 12th century. Turkey is a nation straddling eastern Europe and western Asia with cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantie and Ottoman empires.

Cosmopolitan Istanbul, on the Bosphorus strait is home to the iconic Hagia Sophia, with its soaring dome and Christian mosaics, the massive 17th century Blue Mosque and the Circa. It has one of the world’s oldest and biggest malls. Turkey is packed with cultural heritage. One of the Mediterranean’s sea turtle nestling beaches is here. Turkey gifted tulips to the world. It’s uncertain where the first tulips were grown, what is known is that the Ottomans popularized the flower and facilitated their introduction to Europe.



It is the official capital of Turkey. Istanbul is still very much the heart of all activities of the country. It is Turkey’s largest and most populated city and is also the center of tourism of the country. It’s played a huge role in the history of the Roman and Ottoman Empires, and the city’s rich heritage can still be seen in the many imperial structures.



Antalya is one of the oldest cities located in the country of Turkey. This place is known to be one of the largest cities situated across the coasts and has a population of around a million. This place is a heaven for anyone who loves watching clear sunsets as well as beautiful beaches.

Published by Jagmeet Kaur

''Believe in god'', ''Have Faith in God''. Dream Big and do hardwork then you will definitely achieve your dreams. Jagmeet is a passionate writer and a travel blogger in our company. She knows how to write the experiences about travel destinations. She believe in freedom and freely travel. She likes to travel many interesting places and in some exotic locations. She likes beaches very much. The fresh air of beaches and the environment of beaches gives her many positive vibes which she can explore through her writings very easily. She like the shore of water where people gasped and intake fresh air.

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